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Great Ballads ... Past and Present

    A collection of beautiful, masterfully written songs from the likes of Cole Porter, Billy Strayhorn, Hoagy Carmichael, Richard Rodgers, Jimmy Van Heusen, and others.
Picture of Tim and Hank from above

Great Ballads ... Past and Present - Cover Art

    Included are three of Tim Laughlin's original compositions. With guitar master Hank Mackie, Tim Laughlin takes the "Art of the melody" and makes it his own. It's what he enjoys best.
"Putting out an album of clarinet and guitar duets is a formidable task. Making it an all-ballad album is audacious. No one in New Orleans has a more beautiful clarinet sound than Tim Laughlin; as a band mate and as a listener I've seen many instances of people practically swooning over that juicy tone of his. Hank Mackie is a fine compliment to Laughlin: inventive and tasteful, and immersed in the right chords from years teaching hundreds of students, including Steve Masakowski. While both these guys can swing when necessary, this is a relentlessly low-key affair, an album of thoughtful, pretty background music a la Sinatra's "Only the Lonely" or Satie's piano music. Just add a glass of cognac and a good book."

- Tom McDermott, Offbeat Magazine

  1. Do I Love You
    (C. Porter)
    Chappell & Co. Inc. [ASCAP]
  2. We'll Be Together Again
    (C. Fischer/F. Laine)
    Music Sales Corp. / Terry Fischer Music Co. [ASCAP]
  3. Imagination
    (J. Van Heusen/J. Burke)
    Spirit Two Music, Inc. / BMG Songs, Inc./Bourne Co. [ASCAP]
  4. Esplanade
    (Tim Laughlin)
    Tim Laughlin Music [BMI]
  5. Our Romance
    (Tim Laughlin)
    Contemporary Music [BMI]
  6. Two Sleepy People
    (H. Carmichael/F. Loesser)
    Famous Music Corp. [ASCAP]
  7. I Had The Craziest Dream
    (H. Warren/M. Gordon)
    Bregman Vocco & Conn, Inc. [ASCAP]
  8. Lotus Blossom
    (B. Strayhorn)
    Music Sales Corp. [ASCAP]
  9. All The Way
    (J. Van Heusen/S. Cahn)
    Maraville Music Corp. [ASCAP]
  10. These Foolish Things
    (H. Link/E. Maschwitz/J. Stachey)
    Boosey and Hawkes Inc./Bourne Co. [ASCAP]
  11. (I Must Have Done) Something Good
    (R. Rodgers)
    Williamson Music Co. [ASCAP]
  12. (I'm Getting) Sentimental Over You
    (N. Washington/G. Bassman)
    Patty Washington Music / Catherine Hinen/EMI-Mills Music, Inc. [ASCAP]
  13. Memories Of You
    (E. Blake/A. Razaf)
    The Songwriters Guild / Shapiro Bernstein & Co., Inc. [ASCAP]
  14. Angel Eyes
    (M. Dennis/E.Brent)
    Music Sales Corp. [ASCAP]
  15. It's All I Ask Of You
    (Tim Laughlin)
    Contemporary Music [BMI]
  16. That's All
    (A. Brandt/B. Haymes)
    Mixed Bag Music, Inc. / Warner-Timerlane Pub. Co. [BMI]
  17. Autumn Nocturne
    (K. Gannon/J. Myrow)
    Advanced Music Corp. [ASCAP]
Tim Laughlin

"Clarinetist Tim Laughlin and guitarist Hank Mackie glide as if in a dance on this thoughtful gentle album. The music evokes a kinder, romantic era as the two musicians quietly play classic ballads such as Cole Porter's "Do I Love You," Billy Strayhorn's "Lotus Blossom" and Eubie Blake's "Memories of You.""

"This is a somewhat different setting for Laughlin, who is best known for his high-spirited performing on the New Orleans traditional jazz scene. Without his usual band behind him, his full tone is at the forefront and fully appreciated. He reaches down on his horn on "All the Way" with a roundness that widens the range of the duo."

"One of this city's most esteemed yet under-recognized guitarist, Hank Mackie also flawless in his execution and in perfect stride with his partner. Mackie's single notes stroll through Laughlin's melodic verse on "Imagination," weaving their way without interruption.It almost seems that more musicians have joined the duo when Mackie begins strumming chords, enlivening the fanciful tune."

"Laughlin's originals remain in a sentimental mood, with "Esplanade" offering just the suggestions of his - and the city's - traditional roots. Great Ballads ... Past and Present definitely is the antidote for the holiday frenzies. These two excellent musicians take an exit from life's fast lane to a path of memories and beautiful music."

- Geraldine Wycoff, Gambit Magazine

Photo of Tim Laughlin and Hank Mackie

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